Managing Waste
in Developing Communities

Healthy sanitation practices in Longido and similar developing rural communities are almost not existent.In Tanzania, the leading causes of death are from diseases and infections that can be easily prevented with basic sanitation practices. The necessity to manage waste disposal and maintain a hygiene friendly environment is not part of their hierarchy of needs since water is a scarce resource.To prevent the spread of harmful pathogens that impact rural citizens, a new system was designed that will help dry or compost the waste faster thus help with the community manage their organic waste.The spread of faecal matter, food waste, and any wet matter in the community are what permits bacteria to survive and thrive on different hosts: insects, humid environments, animals, and more. The design of Treadel is a tumbler system that is fabricated local resources and can be installed to help create an infrastructure to manage waste in their environment.

This project is my capstone major thesis for myBachelor of Industrial Design degree at CarletonUniversity, Canada. As part of the project, I gain the opportunity to travel to Tanzania to conduct design research to develop a product for the people in Longido.

Skills Social Design / Ethnographic Studies / User Experience / User Research / DFM / Industrial Design

The Following is my Capstone thesis report. The final delivery to complete my Bachelor of Industrial Design and Report for the users in Longido Tanzania. Enjoy.