No more boring black box. Oslo is a re-evaluation of two products that are found in our homes: Wifi router and charging station. Both products alone consume space and does not hold many options for the user to choose the product. Oslo is a minimalist design of a home router that also acts as a station to leave your phone to charge and store essentials everyday carry items (keys, wallet, etc).

Inspired by Scandinavian and Dieter Rams aesthetics, I wanted to create simple and elegant decor in its design. The motivation in the product was how to create internet hub that sits proudly on the user desk or coffee table but still will get some interaction with the device.

Skills Research / Branding / Packaging / Rendering

Details and Silhouette

The appearance of Oslo to fit into any home living space with it rectangle shape. Most home routers are set up in home shelving or counter space and only get the user attention when the internet is not working or need the WIFI code.  By also acting as a charging station, Oslo can fit into active areas as part of our home routine. The micro perforated decal on the housing act as part of the functionality of the router but also make the silhouette of the share a nostalgic look of old home radios speakers.

The device manage the charging output to not over heat the apparatus as well no to burn out the battery life of the phones with unnecessary charging time.

Minimal Construction

Oslo is designed to withstand all encounters of the user placing their belonging on the charging surface and exposure to dust. The housing is made of PC-ABS plastic to protect the internal components of the device as well easy to clean with a routing dusting.  The shell construction allows for a user to access the internal components when it is need to replace the battery or an electrical component with a snap fit closure mechanism. The walls of the device provider transparency to see the PCB activities as well let the natural room air cool the internal components from overheating when active and charging the users phone(s).

Provider Identity

To benefit providers interest in the product, the modem can display the brand identity with it s minimal design. The providers' logo can be printed on the control surface and highlighted with led lighting; as well the Ethernet cable housing could be the brand corresponding colour identity.

Packaging Individuals hold onto packing of old electronics than the actual product itself. The packaging design is intended to Design to be completely biodegradable; mostly made of corrugate cardboard and Green Cell Foam®. The unboxing of Oslo is design to creates simple set up user experience and the packaging can be toss away immediately after the install is complete.