A home garbage can where the form affords to act has a duster collector. The idea is to re-evaluate a common home item that is mass produce using injection molded principle with fabrication. How to redesign a house ware item to serve multiple purposes for the user.

This design was develop during my time at Umbra Ltd.

Skills Consumer Good / Homeware / Design for Mass Production

Aesthetics and inspiration came from how plastic or ceramics can mimics the creases from folded. With sketching and foam model was able ti iterate more in how to include the forma with its function.

1:1 scale vase 3D print developed to examine comfort duster capabilities in its form. A vase print was made to be efficient with time and savematerial with testing the prototype. Once the fi naldesign of the form was achieved a true 3D printwas done to explore the CMF of the product.

The CMF and Identity of the trash needs to fit into any home environment.Exploration in coloUr, material and texture help create the Dustcan personality. Looking into current home trends and popular product that are purchase for the value of $19.99 CAD, I was able to define what the home buyer and the market is purchasing... speckle patterns the most popular... obviously.