Inspired by the art of Shadowgraphs, Ombre is a timepiece that communicates time using electronics and natural materials. The hour and minutes are communicated with LED lights projecting onto a paper surface, the light is activated on and off when the user presses the dial button. The aesthetics of ombre evokes minimalism and easy functional to tell time in an illuminated environment.

Personal project - I wanted to develop a watch concept from a unique inspiration.

Skills Sketching/ Material Exploration / Packaging

Details and Silhouette

From rough sketch to a more explorative exploration to design the detials before i went into Solidworks to develope it true form to fit the internal components to meet the proper size.

The internal components are design that the watch will maintain a long battery life thus the user does not need to charge the watch or replacing the batteries regularly.

The PCB is programmed to illuminate the LED light in the position of where the hour and minutes arms would indicate. The light refracts through the paper and the user will be able to read the time.

The package design is made or recycle cardboard and a low density styrofoam thus the user can recycled when the watch is remove from package. The cardboard box is held together with how it is folded and is lock together with parchment vellum paper, which the paper transparency shows the Ombre logo on the box.

An aluminum key is feature and an addition hardware with the  watch thus the users can remove the exhibition case. This allow to user to be able to change the batteries themselves when needed.