Beacon is a Digital ski tag concept to keep track of your performance and location while skiing at a resort or off the grid. The device shares and keeps track of your friend's location in case of emergency. The device is designed to be easy to access by attaching to the skier's jacket zipper. Features touch sensor so you can use the interface while wearing e-Tip™ gloves.

This assignment was originally a two-week case study of developing a product housing with consideration of the internal digital/electronic components. Exploration of the concept began with sketches, foam model exploration, and product data sheet research. A UI/UX concept was developed on to explore digital features and user experience for skier a wearable device.

Skills User Experience / UI/UX / Component Studies / Prototyping


The goal is to design a digital GPS for skiers to replace lift pass. Inspired by a triangular shape, rugged look, and the outdoors lifestyle. This product is the digital tools that have been missing in the community as en essential accessory.


The data collected help find an easier path to develop the styles and form of the final concept. More sketching and renders were developed.

User Insight

Developing foam models of some of the forms that i have previously sketch, I conducted some user testing to gain some insight on how the the different forms will interact with the users. The testing was done with weights attach the foam model (to mimic what the device will weigh) and getting the user to wear a ski jacket and gloves to explore which form will be best and how the device will be handle.


With research on data sheets base of current GPS device helped determine the needed electronics component that will make the possible to function.

UI / UX Wireframe

The application was designed to be efficient and friendly for the users users to set up their Beacon. The information presented with theme icons and style colour pallet allow for quick access information while connecting the device with friends, checking the skiing environment, and receive status update of friends performance while the user is on the ski lift waiting for their turn.

Application Functions

The mobile application provides users with these benefits:

More detail information:
Keep track of performance, location of ski location, modify personal information, and share data.
Sync with devices:
Pair with friends and keep track of each other while skiing.
Knowing the whereabouts of your device and where you are while skiing.